The 41st Ward is one of a few wards in the City Of Chicago that invites persons seeking
a zoning change (for any reason albeit it residential, business, construction, etc...) to
explain the changes requested before a Zoning Board of 41st Ward citizens
representing various neighborhoods. 

The Edison Park Community Council holds a seat on the Zoning Advisory Board and selects one
member to be the representative for Edison Park at the zoning request meetings. Once
selected by the Council, the representative attends a monthly meeting in which a zoning
issue is scheduled to be discussed. The Council representative listens to the requests
for zoning variances and has the opportunity to question the petitioner as needed to
determine the facts of the request. Information and drawings are then presented for
review and discussion to the Community Council at the next meeting. A voice vote is
then taken by the Board of Directors at the meeting to determine how the representative
should vote on behalf of the Community Council. The Representative will then vote as
such at the next zoning meeting. The results of the vote by the Zoning Board members
is then presented to the Alderman.

All parties involved in any zoning issue are welcome to voice their opinion or concerns
to the Community Council Board before a vote is cast. 

Zoning Board meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm at
Olympia Park 6566 N. Avondale Avenue, Chicago