President: Jamie Suckow   *   Vice President: Jill Doherty  *  Secretary: Betty Mateling*   Treasurer: Nick Haak

Board of Directors:

Sherry Battalini  *  Maureen Boland  *  Greg Boysen  *   Reynolds Clifford  *  John Delaney  *   Jean Dorsch  *  Jackie Foucre  *  Madeline Galletta  *  Ben Gould  *  Corrine Graziano  *  Dave Graziano  *  William Kerch  *  Rich Herman *  Diane Howe  *  Frank Icuss  *  Janet O'Malley   *  Michelle Thiel  *  Shirley Vavra


The Board consists of up to 25 directors and 4 officers. Our annual elections are held at the November meeting. New board members take office the following January. 

f you have any interest in joining the Community Council board please email

All residents of Edison Park are welcome!